Building our home


It has been a dream of ours to build our own custom home for as long as we have been married!  One that we designed just for us and our family!  When we lived in Albuquerque we purchased an acre of land in Rio Rancho and began designing a home. However, our dream was never realized as Mitch was transferred to work in Arizona.  Once here, we decided to start searching for some possible land prospects in case we ended up staying here long term.

Well, over a year ago, Mitch and I became the proud owners of a sweet piece of property, 1.3 acres, here in Chandler.  We had been looking for about a year and because there wasn’t much on the market that fell into our parameters we were having a hard time!  We wanted a minimum of 1 acre in what, around here, they call a “county island”. We didn’t want to live with an HOA and want more freedom with our property and what we can do with it.  We made several offers on some properties, but were edged out either by someone who had more cash than we did, or by crooked real estate agents.  So, we just kept truckin’ along confident that we would find the perfect spot for us to build our dream home!

Finally, one morning I got a notice of a new piece of land on the market and by 12:00 our real estate agent had our offer all ready for us to sign! It was a short sale, which can take a long time to be approved by the bank, but several months later…it was ours!!

We have been working hard the past year to get the design just right.  I spent hours, pencil to paper, designing every inch of our floor plan.  Then, Mitch spent hours putting it into AutoCAD.  Once it was in the computer, we spent even more hours tweaking it just so, until we got it just right.

The week of Christmas 2013, we submitted the plans to county for approval.  And finally after 4+ months our plans were APPROVED!!  That was a happy day indeed!

Mitch is going to be the general contractor on the project, so he is now basically working 2 jobs!  He goes to his “real job” every morning and returns in the evening to begin his “second job”.  When we began this endeavor, we knew that it would take a lot of sacrifice and work to make this happen.  Knowing this, we still went forward with it.  I am so proud of my husband and all of his hard work and dedication to the many hats that he is wearing right now!

I am hoping, that through this blog, I will be able to document a small part of what it takes to build our new home.  We will be contracting most of the work out, but we hope to be able to get down and dirty and add some sweat equity to our home.  We want to work hard alongside our kids so that they can learn the importance of hard work and hope to strengthen our family as we work side by side to make our dreams become a reality.  Then, when it is finished we ALL can feel a sense of accomplishment knowing that we worked together to build our home!