Batman and Robin

Throughout the past 2 and a half years our home has be frequented by a couple of super hero’s… Batman and Robin to be exact!

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Photos: taken Oct 2013

These cute little super hero’s are our defenders of good!  And they are stinkin’ adorable, if I do say so myself!

These frequent visits all began back in October 2012.  When the boys were one month shy of turning two, “we”, meaning the family, decided that Batman and Robin would be an awesome boy twins Halloween costume!  So, I bit the bullet and paid the overly inflated prices, it’s close to highway robbery, for these cheaply made costumes!  I have always cringed every time i purchase Halloween costumes for my kids because they inevitably end up ripped before Halloween day even arrives, but it’s worth it when I see the joy in the kids faces when the package arrives in the mail.  I guess I’m just cheap! 😉


Photo: taken Oct 2012


Batman and Robin in the “Batmobile”

But having said that, the purchase of these Batman and Robin suits was, hands down, the best Halloween costume investment E.V.E.R!  Not only did they wear them for that first Halloween, but they wore them, again, the following year!  The best part, they loved it even more the second time around!


Photo: taken Oct 2013

Now that we are coming up on 3 years since we purchased these suits, the boys still love them! In fact, as I type this, the boys are in their room for quiet time wearing their Batman and Robin! I love it!  I wish they could stay small forever!

Since summer began last week, I would say that 5 out of the last 7 days we have had a visit from either Batman or Robin, but usually they visit together! They have yet to put on actual clothes for today, they woke up and immediately changed from their PJ’s into their costumes!!

Just yesterday, Maui was sitting on my lap finishing up his lunch when we hear Kaikai’s voice coming from upstairs, “Robin!  Robin!”  I had to remind Maui that he was “Robin”!  Too cute!!

During lunch, they decided it would be a good time to fix each others hair… because that totally makes sense, right?!  They’ve become fascinated with what a comb and water can do with their hair!

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Photos: taken June 2014

I would say that we definitely have gotten our moneys worth on this Halloween costume purchase…many times over.  It makes me so happy to see how much joy these boys have had over the past 2+ years wearing these out, notice how Batman’s chest emblem has peeled off and if you could see the knees you would see holes and snags!

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 Photos: taken June 2014

These boys have my heart, forever and ever!