This is About Me

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Hi, I’m Mahina and I, like you, am trying to navigate myself through this thing called life! Because things are better enjoyed with others, I am not going it alone… I am the lover to one, and the mother to 6 and together we are complete!

Many years ago, I had a blog that did and still does bring me great joy because it is a record of my life, a record of who I am and how I came to be me.  My family and I love to read back through the stories and laugh, remembering things that we may have forgotten had I not written them down, and for that I am very grateful for the record I kept.  When our last three children came into our lives, in pretty quick succession, my attentions and time were turned toward raising my family and trying to get enough sleep.  Naturally, my writing ceased, and with it the details of small and seemingly insignificant events along with not so insignificant events were lost and forgotten. To think of this makes my heart ache.  I cannot go back and rewrite those histories, but I can begin to write again what is happening now…

I created this blog because I don’t want to forget!  I want to share and remember and inspire and grow!  I want to put on these pages the things that I love, the things that matter to me, the stories of my children, my husband, my life!  And I hope by doing so I might help someone along the way, myself included, to make a difference, to make a change, to make life a little better!

This is me…



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