The Floor Plans…aka…The post everyone has been waiting for!

Okay people!  Here it is!  The post that everyone has been waiting for me to write!

Since I’ve started posting photos on instagram and Facebook, I’ve had several people tell me, “I wanna see the floor plans!”, “how many square feet is it?”  “How many bedrooms?” “Ok, but where’s the floor plan?!”  Haha!  I love that you are so interested in our little part of the world!

I totally get it!  I’m all about the floor plan!  When we were looking to either buy a house or build a house, I was always a little annoyed that realtors don’t post a floor plan!  Pictures are great and all, but I need the whole, bigger picture for me to know if it is worth my time to go look!  Floor plans are just the best!

So, for those of you who don’t know, I actually drew up the plans! Hah! Yup!  Little old me! Lil ol’ me, who has a college degree in Health Promotion!  Lil ol’ me, who was a personal trainer before becoming a mom!  Lil ol’ me who had never, before all of this happened, designed anything!

It was quite fun, actually!  I did several things to help in the design process.  Obviously, I took all of the things that were important to me and put them at the top of my “priorities list”. Things that, really, had come to me by default, from living in 3 different houses since becoming home owners.  They were the “man I wish this house had a larger laundry room that wasn’t just a glorified hallway to the garage”.  And the “why is this pantry so stinkin’ small? and the shelves so dang deep? I lose half of my food in the back of these shelves!”  And there’s always the, “I wish I could open my car door all the way without worrying that I’m going to hit Mitch’s truck.” Or better yet, “I sure hope the boys didn’t just dent Mitch’s truck with the car door!” And, “It sure would be nice if we had a basement because this electric bill is outta control!!”  Oh, and “I wish the kids had somewhere other than the kitchen table to do their homework!”  And there’s always the, “It sure would be nice if the first thing people see when they walk in the front door is NOT the kids toys in the front room!”  And, “It sure would be nice to get the food storage out of the closet!!” And, “I wish we had a large outdoor living space for entertaining!” Oh and one of my favorites, “These kids need lockers so that I don’t have to keep tripping over their shoes and backpacks!”

I could go on and on, but you get the picture!  I’m sure every single one of you have had similar thoughts!

Mitch and I have spent months upon months going through eplans and other similar sites trying to find the perfect house for our family, but in every plan there was always something that just wasn’t US! So, I started printing out several of our favorites.  Then, I literally cut out the parts of the plans that I didn’t like and attempted to piece together the parts that we liked from several different plans!  That was kinda tricky and probably not super effective! But it got the wheels turning!


Since that was proving to be less effective, because things just weren’t meshing as well as I had hoped, I had to start from scratch. We’re talking paper and pencil…and a lot of eraser! 😉

We knew we were going to have a basement and that we wanted that basement to basically be the “kids zone”.  The basement is where we wanted the kids bedrooms.  Now, one unique thing about the kids bedrooms is that we only wanted 2!  Yes, you read that right!  We wanted 2 bedrooms for our 6 kids!  When we lived in Oregon we knew a family who had a boys room and a girls room!  We loved this idea and ever since then we have wanted the same thing.

Little side story…The funny thing about this is we only had, I think 2 kids when we decided this.  As most of you know our first two kids are girls, our next two kids are girls…do you see the problem that we were running into?  We started to think that our plan wouldn’t work out and maybe we would just have to have one kids bedroom!!  haha!  Thankfully, we finally had our twin boys and we were able to breath a sigh of relief, for more than one reason! 😉

The boys room will be just a normal size because there are only two of them, but the girls room will be much larger to accommodate 4 girls!  It will be an upscale dormitory style room!  The girls are trying to decide if they will have loft style beds or built in bunk beds, who knows maybe we will have a mixture of the two if they can’t all agree.  But, you see, that is the beauty of designing and building your own home…it really, truly is your own unique space made to suit your family!

In the basement we knew we wanted a rec room, for all of the toys and crafting, a media room, and a gym.  Beyond that we were pretty open.

In theory, we are hoping that if the basement is the “kids zone”, then the main level can be the “everything will look nice and tidy all the time adult zone”!  But we are way too realistic to actually think that will be the case! 😉

So, we had all of our cut up floor plans, but we were still struggling to get anything that worked.  So, what I did was start to incorporate some of my favorite things in my friends houses!  I really love the front courtyard of one of my friends house.  So, basically I copied it and put a similar courtyard on the front of our house.  One night at book club, i was sitting in this gorgeous open great room that was right off of this beautiful gourmet kitchen with a huge island.  The space was so large and welcoming and I decided right then and there that I would put something similar in our house!

We wanted a large opening door, think disappearing door, onto a huge covered patio for entertaining.  One that when the door was opened, the space just seamlessly flowed into the outdoor space.

We wanted the master on the main level and I, especially, wanted the master bathroom very much separated from the bedroom.  The house that we currently live in the master bath is right there, WITHOUT a door!  Mitch wakes up much earlier than me and because of the wonderful man that he is, he showers in the dark so that the light doesn’t wake me up.  Not only that, but I had to start sleeping with earplugs so the shower doesn’t wake me up!! So, definitely, we were going to have quite a bit of separation between master bedroom and master bathroom.  Another cool thing we wanted was a privacy garden off of the master bath.  This privacy garden would be surrounded by a high wall so that we could leave our windows and shutters open and walk around naked, if we wanted to, and not have to worry about neighbors seeing us!! 🙂  It would also be a nice little private sanctuary for me and the Mr. that could only be accessed through the master bath!

Several years ago, while walking through a friends house in Oregon I noticed that they had a washer a dryer in their master closet!  Brilliant!  We knew that with 8 clothes wearing bodies in our family we would need 2 washers and 2 dryers.  So, when the laundry room ended up moving to the basement, I remembered my friends house in Oregon and a washer and dryer magically appeared in our master closet!

See how much fun this was?!  It was exciting to see things coming together as I added this from one house, and that from another house, and this from eplans, and that just from my own imaginings!

Slowly but surely something beautiful and perfect began to emerge before my eyes!

main level

 Main Level

basement copy


As of last week, we moved the wall in the girls room about 6-8″ to make it bigger and the storage room smaller.

One thing that I am super excited about is that we are going to utilize the space under the stairs as a “secret” room.  There will be access through a hidden door on the rec room side and another one from the boys room!!  But, Shhhhh!  It’s a secret! 🙂

The girls bathroom is pretty unique, as well.  There is a double vanity, which is nothing special, but there are two showers in separate rooms.  There is a shower over a bath where the toilet is and next door there is a shower room!  This way there can be two showering/bathing while two are getting ready!!  Awesome!  I was pretty excited when I got that to work!!  It took several, several attempts!

Oh, and look at the size of the girls closet!!  With 4 girls, i don’t think that it is too large! hah!

One thing I’m super excited about in the boys room is the little niche at the front of the room.  It is the perfect size for built in bunk beds!! AHHHH!  So excited!!

Okay onto the outside of the dream home…


Front, Right, and Rear Elevations


The house on the property

The dark green shaded area is the actual footprint of the house including the garage, while the grey shaded areas are the driveway, circle drive, courtyard, privacy garden, and covered back patio.  The rest of the space to the thick black property line is our yard!  I marked the fence separating the front yard and the backyard by a red line.  I also labeled just to the north of our property is a brand new, ginormous park that is currently under construction which should be finished in the next month. Yay!!  Just beyond that is the elementary school that we can see from our house!! Double Yay!!

I’ve been asked by many, “How big is it?”. The answer to that is, bigger than originally planned!  After my design was sent to the draftsman, we realized that the north basement wall fell right smack dab in the middle of the high traffic area in the kitchen between the island and the stove/fridge.  If left there it could create cracks in the floor, which we did not want.  The solution was to push the wall out a few feet to line up with the wall in the kitchen.  The result of this was a larger laundry room, which became a laundry/craft room because of it’s size, a larger media room, and a larger gym!  So, the final square footage landed at about 5250!  YIKES!

For our family, the house will have 4 bedrooms and a storage room.  If we sell the house, we designed the “storage room” as a fifth bedroom, which we would simply add the closet on the north side of the room.  The gym, would then, most likely, become the storage room.  There are 4 full baths, one with access to the backyard, aka a pool bath, for if and when we add a pool!  It has an oversized 3 car garage.

The lot is 1.3 acres with plenty of space to roam around and plant citrus trees, and grow a garden, and raise some chickens, or goats, or cows, or… just children! 😉

I think that pretty much covers it! If I left anything out that you are dying to know ;), just ask!

And there, my friends, is how the #dreamsbecomereality #masoncustomhome #dreamhome came to be!


5 thoughts on “The Floor Plans…aka…The post everyone has been waiting for!

  1. Ah yes, the door dings. The car count on garages these days just aren’t accurate. Must have been a fun experience drawing up your own plans.

  2. LOVE!! I don’t even know where to start. First, the homework area is genuis. Love that! And I love that you have a home gym. So fun!! The boy room and girl room idea is brilliant. Keep the kids having great memories together I’d think. Who was it in oregon that had the washer dryer in the master closet? I saw that on a home blog once and thought it was cool. So easy to put clothes away! Tell me more about the library room.. what will you use it for? Besides books of course. 🙂

    • Thank you Bridget, we are pretty excited!! Rich and Paula have a washer and dryer in their closet in the Rainbow house. I saw it when I came out for my baby shower…that was a long time ago, but I thought it was brilliant!! So we are stacking ours in our closet, since the laundry room is downstairs.
      The library room will be, as you said, for books. We haven’t decided what we are doing, exactly, with that room…but there are so many options! Our kids LOVE to read so we might put a variety of chairs, love sacks, couches in there where we can just relax with a good book. Or, if we ever have an at home business, we put outside door access so we could use it as our “business office”. Idk, the possibilities are endless! What would you use it for?

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