Flooding, Sacrifice, and a bit of Perspective

This was not going to be my next post, but I needed to record this before I forgot the details of this day.


Remember my post from last week about delays?  Well, here’s a new one to add to that list…


horribly timed downpour that started at 2 am and didn’t stop til 10 am!!! Argggg!  Now we have lakefront property! Yay!






And a moat!  I’ve always wanted a moat! 😉




And a flooded basement with floating lumber inside!


This is a very sad day for our “dreams become reality” custom home, but I guess this is our new REALITY… for today!!

I jokingly told Mitch this afternoon, “Hey at least the basement has been waterproofed!”  You gotta focus on the good, right?! 🙂

Today was the day that they were going to start to backfill around the basement.  The process in which they take the dirt they removed for  the basement and in a very methodical, controlled manner, fill in the space between the basement and the level ground!  As I understand it, they scoop dirt from the big piles of dirt surrounding the pit and backfill so there isn’t a big gapping hole all around the basement.  After several scoops, they compact the dirt.  Then they start over, scoop dirt, compact, scoop dirt, compact.  You get the idea.  This process will take about 3 days. So, had it not rained it would have been done by Wednesday.

Now, we must get the water out.  Once the water is out, we need to let everything dry up.  Once everything is dried up, the excavator will come back and dig the mud out of the “moat” that streamed in with the rain causing erosion. Once they excavate all of that, THEN they may start the backfill that was supposed to start today had it not rained!  I don’t even want to know how much all of this will cost monetarily or time wise.  But it is what it is!

Like I said before, we just have to embrace it and move forward!

But before I do that I must record, for posterity sake ;), what went down today…

-Mitch was at the property very early this morning, as the rain came down, trying to build up a dam to keep more water from pouring into the moat, but his efforts were fruitless, as you can see above.  He finally gave up and came home absolutely drenched to the bone and caked in mud around 9 am.

-He went into work after trying, unsuccessfully, to find a trash pump to pump the water and debris out of the basement.

-Due to the downpour from this morning, Mitch has rented 2 trash pumps and is currently, at 9:36 pm…it is dark outside, running both pumps to get the water and debris out of the basement and the “moat” surrounding the basement, as well as the “lake” in the front yard!

-My afternoon was spent trying to round up a trash pump…apparently, when it rains like it did today, ALL of the trash pumps are rented by 8:00 am!!  Now we know that we need to call as soon as we wake up to a downpour to call HomeDepot immediately!!  We are learning so much today!  😉 On a positive note, I called just as one had been return!  Yay!!  Then again tonight, when Mitch called to ask if I could find another one because one just isn’t cutting it, I called and found one more that had been returned that is even bigger than the first!! Yay again!!

-Through his work, Mitch won free tickets to a Cardinals game tonight, really awesome seats! I had to return them to his work so that the guy on the wait list could go in our place!

-The tire on Mitch’s wheelbarrow went flat this afternoon, so I got to run to Lowe’s and grab him a new one so he could keep building up a dam in hopes of keeping the rain that is forecast tomorrow from filling in the moat, yet again!

-My kids had leftover pizza and cereal for dinner!

-I yelled at my kids 😦

-I haven’t showered yet!


These are the sacrifices and trials that we are asked to endure, and so we endure them!  We endure them with a smile on our faces because we know that we can!  We know that whatever Heavenly Father sees us fit to endure, we can endure!  It may be frustrating and painful, but it makes us better disciples and we are made stronger through our trials.

Yesterday in Sunday School we read about Job in the Bible.  I find it interesting that we had that lesson yesterday.  In no way am I comparing a little downpour on our little piece of earth to what Job experienced, but what I find interesting is the timing of the lesson and what we can learn from Job.  It has helped me to maintain perspective in this trial.  A sister in the class shared this thought, “Our stuff is just stuff! We should never worship our stuff because it’s just stuff! We need to worship and love God above all!”  I loved that!

Another comment, “Bad stuff (trials), make us good!”  Now, of course, that is only true when we endure the “bad stuff”, or trials, well!

One more, “We must be thankful in all things and praise God, not only once we make it through the trial, but even while we were in the thick of it!”  Do you remember the first thing Job did once he lost all of his possessions? He knelt down and praised God!

So, tonight when I go to bed I too will kneel and praise God and thank him for this trial!

I know this little setback in our dream becoming reality is small in the big scheme of things.  It is just that, a setback!  We will wade through it, literally ;), and move forward!  And someday we will have a beautiful, new home that we can be pleased with because we put in the hours and we sacrificed!

AND, We will do this because it is a dream worth sacrificing for!!


This awesome post, needs some awesome end photos!  So, I share with you how my adorable boys made the best of the rain…


When discovered in all of their nakedness I asked, “Why are you naked!?”  To which Maui matter-of-factly answered, “Mine underwears got wet!”

Oh, of course!  Silly me!!


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