Construction Kick Off


With the loan documents signed and the plans approved, we were ready to break ground!! That was such an exciting time.  As I have said in a previous post, designing and building a custom home had been a dream of ours for over 10 years.  It had been a long process to get us to this point.

We looked for land 10 years ago when we lived in Oregon.  We looked for land in Southern California and in Flagstaff, Arizona 7 years ago when we were looking for a possible career change.  Then again, after moving to New Mexico 5 years ago.  We actually purchased an acre in Rio Rancho, New Mexico, which we, unfortunately, still own. I think we even looked at land in Utah when we were considering going back for a second Masters for Mitch.  We’ve had “land on the brain”  for a very long time!! 🙂

So, you can see that this really, truly is our dream becoming reality.  A dream we have had since almost the beginning of our marriage.

It was crazy awesome to get to this point of actual construction!!

On Tuesday, July 29th, around lunch time, Mitch reserved a party room at Rudy’s BBQ.



Gotta love Rudy’s!  Our personal favorite:


The Excavator, the plumber, and the framer all met us at Rudy’s for the “Mason Custom Home Construction Kick Off — Phase One: Excavation to rough-in”!

I originally was not planning to attend this meeting because I didn’t think I needed to.  On that morning, I realized that this was something I shouldn’t, and didn’t want to miss.  I am so happy that I was there, and the reason surprised me!


You see, Mitch goes to work every weekday.  He is great at what he does! He goes to work and does his “work thing”, then he comes home to us and he does his “husband and dad thing”!  On Sunday’s, he goes to church and does his “church thing”.  He is amazing at whatever hat he wears!  I have seen him wear every single hat, except for one…his “work” hat.

As I sat there watching him run this kick-off meeting I was wowed, again, by the incredibly capable man that chose ME!  I had never seen him before in this capacity.  He was taking charge and leading these men and completely commanding the room!  He’s got wicked awesome leadership skills!  I was falling in love with him all over again!  To be quite honest with you… I found it to be extremely sexy!! 🙂

See that brown construction paper on the wall behind him?  That is a calendar that Mitch made which is from August through October, with each day of the week labeled at the top of a column and each sub’s name, Mitch’s name included, down the side.  Mitch handed out a different colored pad of post-it notes to each of the subs.


They were asked to write down every task that they were in charge of, how many days they would need to complete the task, and any materials or notes.  As they filled out their little post-its, they would hand them to Mitch who would, in turn, place it on the calendar for it’s corresponding day, until it looked something like this:


BRILLIANT!! He had the next 3 months mapped out on who was doing what and on what day!!  When he got home he input all of the information into a program that all of the subs have access to.  Within this program, each one of them is able to view, edit, update, make changes and adjustments as the process unfolds.  They are able to voice concerns or foreseen problems and they are all “in the loop” of what is happening each day!! His organization is impressive!  The plumber kept saying things like, “yeah, well, we’ll see if it really happens as he says it will!”, and “If he gets this to work, I will be shocked!”  So far, I think the plumber is impressed!! 🙂 I know I am!!


And just like that we were ready to turn this long time dream into a reality!!

I am so grateful that I made an effort to be at this meeting!  I was able to see my husband in a whole new light, a new capacity that made me even more impressed with this man that I married!  I’m always so surprised when I think that I couldn’t possibly love him any more, Mitch goes and proves me wrong!!

Who would have guessed that building a custom home would have made me love him that much more!  I’ve heard, that often times the opposite is true!

We are truly blessed!


One thought on “Construction Kick Off

  1. Many more to come my friend.. just have more faith 🙂 The mixture of love and work gets an awesome combination, it brings the best result. I am sure this is the way it will go with you too. All the best…!

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