Delays… just a part of the Process

If any of you have ever been involved in a construction project, then you are well aware that delays are all part of the process.  There is always something, whether it be weather, waiting on materials, slower than anticipated labor, over eager projections, that sets you back a day or two, or even a week or more.  With every delay the move in date gets pushed back, unless you can make it up somewhere else down the line.  It would seem that delays are just part of the construction process!


As frustrating as it might be, we just have to embrace it and move forward!


Once we purchased the land over a year and half ago, we immediately came face to face with delays at almost every stage.  In the design phase, which I take full responsibility for those delays because I am the designer, I spent many, many late nights/early mornings pencil to paper, and eraser to paper, trying every possible configuration.  In the basement, I tried bedrooms along the perimeter, rec room in the center…not enough natural light in the rec room, SCRATCH that plan.  Bathrooms in each bedroom…no bathroom access for visitors, SCRATCH that plan.  Bedroom in the middle, whoops, no window access, not to code, SCRATCH that plan!  Media room on the left, media on the right, stand up, sit down, fight, fight, FIGHT! In the original plans we really wanted a spiral slide into the basement through a secret panel, and with great sadness, we removed it.  We started with the laundry room on the main floor right off of the garage, but it eventually made its way into the basement.  Since the laundry ended up in the basement I tried so hard to get the pool bath right above it so we could have a laundry chute.  As much as I drew and erased and drew and erased again, it just wasn’t going to happen.  And so it went!! So, you can imagine the time delays there, all while Mitch gently and patiently reminded me that we needed to move forward!


Once the plans were “finalized”, Mitch spent hours upon hours transferring my house design into AutoCAD, a program which he was using for the first time and learning as he went!  But because of the amazing man that he is, I’m always in awe with how smart and capable he is with everything he does, he had it in there pretty quickly!  Then, began the process of tweaking things to scale and fit into the space AND square footage we wanted {read: make it smaller!}  That took some time and a bit of haggling and negotiation between Mitch and I! Hah!  More delays!

Next, we handed it off to the actual licensed designer, because I’m just a wanna be designer! 😉 That, my friends, was a painfully slow process!  When he was recommended to us by friends, this is what they said, “He’s great, but you’ll have to stay on top of him!”  We should have put more weight in that comment than we did, and maybe we’d be in our new house already! 😉

Now that the design was officially engineered and to code, we submitted the plans to the county! And waited, and waited.  Surprisingly, this took a much shorter time than we anticipated because we had heard that it would take a minimum of 6 weeks, but has been known to take up to 6+ months.  Our process was much closer to the 6 week mark than the 6 month mark! YAY!

While waiting for the county to approve our design, we began the construction loan process.  Because we are the owners AND the builders, there are few options when it comes to getting a construction loan.  Most banks will NOT loan money for construction unless there is a licensed general contractor on the process.  Thankfully, my husband has wicked awesome skills in project management with Intel, that we found a bank that was willing to work with us!  I might add, that the banker has been extremely impressed with how thorough Mitch has been throughout the whole process!  Like I said, I’m always in awe of my husband! I definitely married up!!

We also, and when I say “we” I really mean Mitch 😉 , started sending out RFP’s (Request For Proposal’s) to all the different sub contractors for bids on our house.

Once the design was approved and the subs bids were in hand, we were able to head to the bank for the final loan approval!  So, on July 25th we went to the title company and signed our lives away to make our dreams become a reality!

20140725_0017 20140725_0018

The girls were all in school on this day, so we brought the boys with us.  We knew it might get long and boring for them, so being the awesome parents that we are ;), we had them pack little backpacks with books, cars, and trains. For the most part, they did awesome!  They are such cute little buddies!

20140725_0020 20140725_0016 20140725_135922

There may or may not have gotten a little antsy and pushed the limits a couple times!



We were finally ready to actually start BUILDING!!!

It was somewhat surreal!  We had dreamed and planned and tried to build in the past, but it never happened, and as we walked out of that office we realized that we were about to see our dreams become our reality!

And THAT is an amazing feeling!!


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