Group “24 Days of Awesomeness” Challenge results

Alrighty, so way back in June, June 18th to be exact, I had some amazing people choose to do a group “24 Days of Awesomeness” challenge!  There were about 12 people who decided that they needed something more to help them out of whatever body rut they were in.  Whether it was to lose those last 5-10 stubborn pounds (which was where I was), or to just look and feel better, or wanting more energy, or just wanting better  overall health, these rock stars made the decision to make a difference in their lives and health by transforming their bodies for the better!

Each one of them purchased an Advocare 24 day Challenge and followed the program for the 24 days.  Since I had already completed my 24 day challenge previous to June 18th, I served as a coach of sorts, in helping to answer questions and share what I did to have success.

We had people in the group from several different states; Arizona, Oregon, Idaho, Utah, Texas, and a couple in Fiji, even!!  It was wonderful how far reaching this challenge was, but the distance also presented a bit of a challenge…how could we support each other if we were so spread out?  Enter the wonderful world of Facebook!  I put together a private page for all of the friends who chose the challenge! Over the course of the 24 days, and beyond, we have been providing moral support and cheerleading in the form of sharing recipes, and photos, and workouts, and encouragement!  It was the perfect way to unite our group with one common goal of transforming our bodies, which in turn transformed our lives and health!

That is exactly what happened…bodies were transformed!  I was absolutely thrilled when I began to see the happy comments and excited posts of my friends!  If you remember back to my first post about why I started my 24 day challenge, I spoke about the skeptic in me.  I must admit, I was nervous when so many of my dear friends put their trust in my words about how amazing this 24 day challenge is because of the natural skeptic that I sometimes am!  However, all of my skepticism and reservations about sharing the challenge with so many, immediately diminished once I began to read so many comments like these:

“I gave myself the best 40th birthday gift ever. The gift of health!!
I now look in the mirror at a person I once knew but better. I feel good, I have energy, I crave good foods, and best of all I’m in charge of my future health. Here’s to 40 and another healthy 40 more!!!”


“My results from the challenge: 5 lbs gone along with 9 1/2 inches! Love this product! (And so does the hubby!)”


“We were at Costco today around dinner time. My kids got food at the cafe. All delicious looking stuff but I look at it now and say, that would taste like regret. I don’t want it.”


“Okay so this is day 7 for [my wife] and I! Although most of the challenge has been relatively smooth so far we have encountered a couple of times that we wanted 2 step away for a special treat. But doing this together has helped us to strengthen each other to stay on the path!! We have not deviated as of yet! I know that we are supposed to wait until the 11th day but I couldn’t help myself and I have lost 7 pounds and [my wife] 5! It sure gives me an added boost to know that it is paying off and to keep moving forward. Thank you for introducing us to this!!;)”


“I’m loving that while my body is transforming, my brain is too!!! My whole mind set is changing and foods that used to call to me don’t even look appetizing. This isn’t a diet, it’s a lifestyle change! !!”


“For the first time in 3 years, I confidently wore my shirt tucked in.
Day 14. Unbelievable.”


“Typically my extended family and I play games while at the same time gorging ourselves with chips, candy, and all manner of junk. I told my parents I was eating healthy and that they didn’t need to cater to me, but that I would stick with it. We went to the local grocery store and picked up pistachios, raspberries, celery, carrots and hummus. We ate these snacks while playing Scrabble. It was such a victory to still have LOTS of fun and being satisfied while eating clean. I also didn’t wake up sick the next day like I usually do after a night of eating junk and partying!”


“7 1/2″ GONE!!!! I’m so happy to be heading down a healthier path to getting my hottness back.”


“It’s been great ! Every morning is like Christmas morning getting up because I see a little difference each day. It is a great challenge in exercising self control. I tell myself, if I can (and do) get out of bed at 5 am to workout, I can certainly resist unhealthy food. I’m just so, so happy to see fat coming off my belly! Fat I thought I’d have to live with the rest of my life.”


“I fit into my wedding dress tonight for our at home 15 year anniversary dinner. Feels good.”


“I’ve lost two more pounds since the end of the challenge. The other day my daughters friend came knocking on the door and when I answered she said, “Woah! Have you lost weight? You look good! Like, really, really good!” It totally made my day!”


Ok, so I may have gotten carried away in sharing so many comments, but I couldn’t stop!  It gives me such a thrill knowing that so many lives have been changed, for the better, as a result of their decision to take charge of their health and say “yes!” to the challenge! So many of my friends lives have improved in just a short 24 days!!

What I see in these comments is hope and empowerment!  These people have succeeded in changing their relationship with food.  Instead of food controlling them, they are controlling the foods that go into their mouth.  The shift in that relationship has empowered them to take control of their health and their bodies!

You see, this 24 Day Challenge is so much more than just losing inches and weight, it is about changing a lifestyle.  It isn’t “going on a diet”, because that implies that you will, at some point, “go off of the diet”.  Instead, it is about a lifestyle change.  Changing the activities that you choose to do, changing the foods that you choose to eat, changing the way you look and feel…for a lifetime!

DEFINITION of Lifestyle change: modifying or eliminating long-held habits of eating or physical activity and maintaining the new habits over a LIFETIME.

You see, a lifestyle change can be either good for us or bad for us…obviously, in this case the change has definitely been a great one!! 🙂


Throughout the course of the 24 Day Challenge, I kept track of the weight lost and inches lost of those who participated and I would like to share our group results…

Total weight lost in 24 days: 117 pounds

Total inches lost in 24 days: 72 inches


WOW!!  The numbers speak volumes for the success of these wonderful people!  It has been such a joy for me to cheer them on from the sidelines and to see how much excitement they have experienced as they took charge of their health and broke through barriers which they couldn’t break through previously!! Totally EMPOWERING!

I would say that this first group challenge was a huge success!!

The 24 Day Challenge works!  When you couple it with clean eating, drinking lots of water, and being active, these products prepare your body to be able to utilize the nutrition that you put into your body through the foods that you eat and the high quality ingredients found in the Advocare supplements!

Are you ready to break through your barriers???







3 thoughts on “Group “24 Days of Awesomeness” Challenge results

  1. Yay! That was fun reading my comments. 🙂 And remembering everyone else’s. Such a great challenge. Best eating decision I’ve ever made. LOVE it!!

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