Summer Recap…June ~ Colorado…Pine River


Isn’t this image gorgeous? I love this capture!

About a half a mile, down a dirt road, from the cabin, is the Pine River.  It’s a nice slow, meandering river that we like to walk to as a family.  We like to play along the banks of, or, if you are our children, IN the river.  It’s a great place for exploring and skipping rocks.

I come from a somewhat photo journalistic family, meaning about half of us like to capture moments in time.  The Pine River is a great place for me to snap photos of my children enjoying the simple pleasures in life.  I like to just have my camera out snapping photos, posed and unposed, as life is happening.  So, before heading down the dirt road, I grabbed my camera.  I hope you don’t mind, but this is mostly going to be a photo journal post!



Of course, Maui peeing in nature…his new favorite thing to do!! 🙂


Maemae almost always has a dirty bum!  She is a kid full of life, enjoyment, happiness, and dirt on her pants!

pinekairock pinekairockface

Kaikai was trying to find the biggest rocks that he could pick up, throw into the river, and make the biggest splash!  He is a kid full of life and energy and oh so stubborn!!  Those dimples of his, melt my heart in an instant!



Nani made her way “through the raging river of death” (Emperor’s New Groove) and pretty much just stayed there the whole time we were at the river!


There is so much I love about this photo, but, by far, my favorite…the fact that they are holding hands!  Be still my beating heart!  Kawena is such a sweet, gentle, and protective older sister!


Sweet Maui!


Making the trek back home, up the big hill!  They were such troopers!  It’s always harder to climb up the hill after all the fun!

I am always so proud of our kids when I see them helping each other out.  Like Kale’a hanging back with Maui, who tends to be a bit slower than the rest, yet she didn’t complain.  I think one my greatest joys in life is to know that my children watch out for one another.  Sure they have their moments, more often than I would like, when they argue and yell, “I’m never going to play with you again!”, which, I am happy to say has yet to actually happen, but for the most part they really do love each other!  I can’t think of anything greater, than to have my children love each other and care for each other and to nurture and value the bond amongst siblings!


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