Summer Recap… June ~ Colorado…Miller Creek

Summer has come and gone!  It was a whirlwind 7 weeks packed with fun adventures. I have been so busy, but I wanted to document our summer trips.  First of, in June we enjoyed our annual trip to


It was so nice to escape the heat of the desert, if only for a week.  But we definitely took advantage of the cooler temperatures.  We stayed at Mitch’s late grandma’s cabin in the mountains above Durango.  A cabin that his grandpa built, and one that Mitch was able to help with when he was a young boy!  It is up near Vallecito Lake and Lemon Lake.  Very peaceful and beautiful!

It is a family tradition to always hike Miller creek, which empties into Lemon lake. This year was the first time we hiked it with all 8 of us walking (last year Mitch and I both had a backpack with a boy in it), and even Mozi, our Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy, came along!


We typically will pack a lunch, hike up as far as we can go with the little ones, stop for a bite to eat and then hike back down.  The hike is up a little narrow canyon, following the creek.  So, there is a lot of crossing over rocks and through water, which the kids love!




I love the above picture because it contains all that is most important to me…my man and our 6 offspring, enjoying the beautiful creations of our loving Heavenly Father!

At the bottom of the hike, there is a natural waterside that the kids love to slide down and then usually end up freezing afterward because it is Colorado snow melt! 🙂

maemae    kaleaboys

A new thing that I am having to adjust to is new potty trained boys in nature….


The above photo cracks me up…i guess boys will be boys! Right?!  I must say that it is much easier than when nature calls for our girls!!  In fact, Maui got so comfortable peeing wherever he wanted to that one day when Mitch was on the roof of the cabin doing some work, he heard, “Daddy can you wipe me?” only to look down and see Maui squatting in the front yard!!  Oops!!  I guess we should have explained to him what was acceptable and what was not acceptable behavior when it comes to natures calls!!  haha!  Like i said…boys will be boys!!

kawenakaime   us

           My Hiking buddies                                                                 My Love

I love begin outdoors with the family and it is especially nice now that all of our kids are old enough to carry their own weight…meaning we don’t have to carry them!! 😉  And, apparently, it wore out the boys…


Now THAT is a sign of a GREAT day!!


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