24 Day Challenge Update

Ok, so I wasn’t planning on posting anything about the challenge until after I had finished the whole 24 days, but sadly, patience is a virtue of which I could use more. 😉  In all honestly, I didn’t think I would have much to share until the 24 days was completed! You know, it’s the skeptic in me! 😉

At the beginning of the challenge, I decided that I would not do any new measurements or weigh myself until the morning of day 11, since the cleanse portion of the challenge was finished at the end of day 10, and then again at the conclusion of the challenge, the morning of day 25.

That being said, I did remeasure and reweigh yesterday morning…and that is why I decided to post now, IN ADDITION TO, posting once I finished the challenge!!

I am soooo GIDDY with excitement because of my results that I want to shout it from the rooftop how AMAZING these products are!! Seriously!  I’ll let the pictures and the numbers show you just how incredible these products are!!  Remember, this is 11 days from the day I started the challenge…11 DAYS!  Oh, and I am NOT, I repeat NOT starving!  I am eating 6 times a day and loving it!!



weight May 23rd: 144

weight June 2 (11 days on the challenge): 137

total lost: 7 pounds

total inches lost: 7 1/2 (3″ just from my waist)


First of all, i was floored!! I can’t even remember the last time I weighed in the 130’s, let alone 137!  I have been trying to break the 140 mark for over 7 years!! 7 years!!  I began to think that the 140’s was just where my body wanted to be, and I almost accepted it!  I’m so glad that I didn’t!!

I am no slob when it comes to nutrition and exercise!  I spent 4 years in college learning about how to take good care of ones body. I worked for 3 years teaching others how to get into shape and to be their best, healthy selves, before I began this wonderful journey called motherhood!  So, I know my stuff and I have always prided myself in practicing what I used to preach in my chosen profession.  But after having 6 children, it just seemed like no matter what I did i just couldn’t lose those last 10 pounds!! How many of you have felt that very same thing, I am ready to bet that at least 80%, if not more, of you have thought that very same thing at one point or another! 😉  Am I right??

Well, I am now on my way to losing that last 10 pounds!!  I can’t wait to see what happens in the last half of my 24 day challenge!!

As I washed my hands today, I was looking in the mirror and I was amazed!! I could see muscles in my shoulder/arm that haven’t made an appearance on my body since college! SINCE COLLEGE! Um…I graduated from college in 1999! So, I could actually say that this is the first time that I’ve seen these muscles in this century!  Hah! I love it!!

12 more days of AWESOMENESS to come…


7 thoughts on “24 Day Challenge Update

  1. During the first ten day cleanse are you just having those drinks? What else do you eat? How is clean eating different than eating whole? After 24 days do you just keep eating clean and you can keep the weight off or do you have to keep doing the supplements?

  2. I am at 141lbs right now. I have worked my butt off losing 4 lbs over the past few months. Like you I just want to be back in the 130’s again. It’s been forever but after I had Ethan I got to 132 lbs. If you are telling me that this can help me be there again, I am so definitely interested! I didn’t see too much info on the website about what to eat though. Does it come with other instructions once you buy the stuff?

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